Dear Patients,

It is with great sadness GYFM officially expresses, Dr. Stytle has decided to take time off from practicing medicine. She will be truly missed. Her departure from Good Years Family Medicine concerning the “provider-patient” relationship necessary to her patients care, will no longer exists. We would like to inform our patients of this update concerning the practice and provide patients the choice to choose their continuous of care. If you choose to stay with GYFM group, please schedule your future appointments with one of our providers and follow up with your insurance network providing them with your updated choice in your care.

Provided throughout this letter is GYFM action plan to our patient base, on how we will handle this transition. If you wish to elect in staying with GYFM group, we advise to schedule any future appointments with one of our providers and follow up with your insurance network to provide them with the updated choice in your care.

The effective date for ending the relationship will be August 31st, 2022. This provides her patients with a reasonable amount of time to establish a relationship with another practitioner. Although 30 days from the date of our written notice is usually considered adequate, GYFM is providing patients with additional time, effective July 1st, 2022 to August 31st 2022.

Good Years Family Medicine’s interim care provision plan will provide interim emergency care prior to the effective date. For emergency situations that cannot be handled in the office, we will refer the patient to an emergency department or instruct the patient to call 911.

Good Years Family Medicine’s continued care will provide referral suggestions through medical societies, nearby hospital referral services, community resources, or the patient’s health plan network. During the duration of this transition we are educating our patient’s ahead of the scheduled departure date.

Patient records at Good Years Family Medicine will provide a copy of the office records to a new practitioner, should you decide to leave GYFM. Enclosing we’ll provide a HIPAA-compliant authorization form from our office. This will then need (to be returned to the office with the name and address of the new practitioner with the patient’s signature attached).

Transition of care is important, Good Years Family Medicine’s willingness to speak with our patient’s new provider to help ensure a smooth transition in their care will be a priority we uphold.

It is the patient’s responsibility to seek healthcare services and are responsible for follow-up and for continued medical care.
Medication refills will be provided only up to the effective date that your “provider-patient” relationship ends, August 31st, 2022. After that, the patient is responsible for their continued medical care.

Any additional questions can be answered at 623.594.3171 opt. 1

Your Healthcare Team at Good Years Family Medicine